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   Al Muftah Rent A Car Opens 5th Branch At Arrivals Terminal of Doha International Airport

Al Muftah Rent A Car has opened its 5th Branch at the New Doha Arrival Terminal of the Doha International Airport. This is a value added addition to its network and will enhance the services extended to its retail and corporate customers.

Fazil Hameed, Asst GM of the Group commented that ' Due to the visionary leadership showcased by the Emir of Qatar, the economy has showcased stability and double digit growth even when major global markets was going through recession. The Car Rental maket during the year 2010 has expanded due to augmented demands of the Corporate sector, increased number of International events and sports tournaments held within Qatar and improvements in travel industry. We at Al Muftah have been at the forefront of Car Rental and Lease Industry due to its bespoke services and personal attention to its customers. '

Al Muftah plans to increase its branches within Qatar and also to other major cities in GCC over the next 5 years.

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